Timeshare owners must exercise extreme caution will all the scam artists trying to prey on unsuspecting, responsible vacation interval owners.

We want all of you to know, there is a new scam taking place.

Scammers went to another resort’s website, copied their resort logo and began sending letters to resort owners stating that there was an error in the maintenance fee billings and that the owner is delinquent – the amount of delinquency being around $900. Some un-cautious owners paid the $900 and then complained to the resort.  The other resort staff members’ called the number that was in the letter to the owners and the phone was answered by Wyndham International Transferring Company. No such company exists as a part of Wyndham/RCI.  Affected resorts are sending letters to their owners advising of this scam and encouraging other resort personnel to warn their owners as well. At this time, Winners Circle Resort has NOT been affected by this type of scam–but we want to make sure all owners and exchangers are aware of its existence.

Please be on the look out. If you suspect you may be the victim of such a scam, contact your home resort directly. Winners Circle Resort can be reached at 858-755-6666. We will always be able to inform you of any dues owed. A third party will not.

We are here to help. Please use extra caution to avoid these scams. You may also email us directly with any questions or concerns at resortmail@winnerscircleresort.com.