November Racing Season at Del Mar Confirmed for 2014

The racing season at Del Mar will add a second meet in 2014, following a vote from California racetrack officials. The California Horse Racing Board voted on a fall meet schedule for Del Mar that will last throughout November.


Typically, Del Mar hosts horse racing season from mid-July to early September, but starting in November 2014, horses will return for a full month in the fall.


In 2014, Del Mar will host this second racing season from Nov. 5 to Dec. 30.


Business owners at the racetrack said they are excited about bringing in more customers. The change in dates will also give Del Mar the opportunity to host more advanced races. This will be the first time in the track’s history where fall racing is part of a major circuit.


The reason for the second racing season in Del Mar has to do with fact that Hollywood Park has closed, so Del Mar along with Santa Anita will pick up additional dates to keep the California Circuit intact.


The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club expects this new fall season to be more low-key, with fewer horses and fewer attendees, but it will still bring excitement to the area – and more customers for local businesses.


Perhaps the most exciting news, however, is that local racing executives think the new dates will give them a better chance at possibly one day hosting the Breeder’s Cup, a major event with worldwide appeal.


“That is a significant thing that is a major, major 48 hours of racing and what that means to the community and local businesses is very important,” Del Mar Thoroughbred Club director of racing Tom Robbins said.