As an owner, you have several option for making the best use of your timeshare. Some of the most popular ways to utilize vacation ownership are below.

Regular Use

Regular use is when a timeshare owner comes to Winners Circle Resort to use his interval. For example, if you owned Unit 130,  Week 33, you would come to the resort to stay in Unit

130 during the 33rd week of the year. You may always call the resort at 858-755-6666 to confirm the dates of your regular use reservation. This is the default usage for all owners.

Guest Use

As an owner, you have the option to send a friend or family member to use your unit. This is a great option if you are unable to use your week but would like to gift it to someone you know. To do this, simply email, fax or write to the resort with the name of the guest that will be using your unit. We will then change the reservation to be in your guest’s name, instead of yours. There is no fee for this.


If you would like to stay somewhere other than Winners Circle, you have the option to exchange your week for a different week in a different location and/or at a different time. There are many companies that offer exchange services. VRI offers a low cost exchange program. Interval International and RCI also have excellent exchange programs with varying fees.


As an owner, you have the option to rent out your unit. This is another fantastic option if you’re unable to use your interval. To do this, you must complete the rental documents and send them back to the resort by email, fax, or regular mail. Once we have those documents on file, we are able to rent your unit. You receive 70% of the rental income.